What is Kindness? It is an excellent Presentation to teach your Elementary students some Kindness Words and actions all school year or during World Kindness Day. We believe that students need to comprehend what Kindness is, the definition, activities related to kindness, how to show it, and kind actions -vs.- unkind. It includes additional Google slides™ to complement your lesson and presentation in PowerPoint and Google Slides formats and Virtual Classrooms. 



  • PowerPoint presentation, also Google Slides presentation (same)
  • Virtual classrooms with a Daily Challenge-Additional Google Slides with links, videos, quotes of the day, 10-day Kindness challenge. Click on pages #2 and 4 on your PowerPoint to get access
  • Examples of kind actions with images
  • Certificates, Activities, Puzzles, Artwork, Coloring Pages, write a letter to someone Kind to you.
  • What is Kindness? – Presentation with examples Kind-vs- unkind images worksheets and slides to enhance comprehension; the student should identify kind and unfriendly actions, good choices, and bad decisions.
  • 46 Slides/ 46 Google Slides & Virtual Classrooms

***Not for commercial use. Personal use only.


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