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Test Anxiety activities

What are good coping skills for test anxiety?  Reflect and Apply coping skills in a game

This product is a great tool after you present your Guidance lesson of Test Anxiety. This game is about What are good coping skills for test anxiety disorder. This product is a PDF document with 31 pages,  ASCA standards, and help student reflect on  What is TEST ANXIETY, symptoms, coping strategies, and how to overcome test anxiety. Students can create a dice of emotions, play, identify and suggest coping skills for the characters and write them down. 


Activities – What are good coping skills for test anxiety?

  1. Color, cut, fold, and glue the cube.
  2. Roll the dice and see where it lands. 
  3. Suggest a few good coping skills for our friend in the picture.
  4. Write your responses in the paper.
  5. Includes teacher’s guide
  6. 1 Check for understanding Foldable book (also can be used as a pretest or posttest)
  7. 2 different ways to do the activities
  8. PDF doc  with a Story Dice activity with 31  pages- It is a game and contains the images in color and BW. 
    1. Dice templates in color and BW (4 in color, 3 BW)
    2. 18 papers with writing prompts
  9. Educator’s guide
  10. ASCA standards

Test anxiety disorder is one of the most common things in students and adults. Students are able to identify tips for test anxiety coping skills, and more. It teaches students how to recognize strong emotions and calm down to cope better and relax before, during, and after a test. 



Domain: Academic Development

A: A1: Improve self-concept

A: A2: Acquire Skills for Improving Learning


Domain: Personal/Social Development

PS: A1: Acquire Self Knowledge

PS: A2: Acquire Interpersonal Skills

PS: C1: Acquire Personal Safety Skills


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