We teach every year how to set up goals, SMART Goals, and Goal-Directed Behavior, but not every child or adult understands why we should set up goals. What’s goal setting? What are the Goal setting benefits or SMART Goals examples for students?

Setting personal and academic goals can be challenging. This product offers three options, templates to help your students understand SMART goals and think about Goal-Directed Behavior with some Ninjas.

The product includes:


  1. What do SMART Goals mean?
  2. Tracking and Goal template for nine weeks
  3. Goal setting sheet
  4. Goal setting sheet to display with a Ninja
  5. Setting Goals PREK & K
  6. Bulletin Board Letters-Goal Directed Behavior- SMART Goals, Goal Setting

 Goal-Directed Behavior

This format includes five sets. The first set includes

  • It shows how important it is to have a support system to help you achieve your goals.
  • Family, Friends, and Staff, 
  • Gratitude area to help students count their blessings
  • Grades section- What grades or average do they want to have in Elementary, Middle School, and High School
  • Reflection time- Reflecting about our life and journey is very important, whether in prayer, gratitude wall, thoughts, meditation, or any other style. The most important part is to teach them to set up a specific time to reflect. 
  • What they don’t like- I do not want to be… a reflection component to start setting up goals, limits, boundaries, or action steps because we are the main characters of your life.

In the Second Set

Goal setting for my future

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? 2-3 options
  • Graduation Dates- Believe it or not, kids these days are full of questions and wonders. Help them make the math and make it a teachable moment, connecting with your Math lesson.
  • Driving lesson Date
  • First car Model and by when they want it
  • First job while they stay in college
  • When I grow up, I will commit myself to…

Third set Prek- K

4th set SMART Goals

5th set-Bulletin Board Letters-Goal Directed Behavior- SMART Goals, Goal Setting

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