College and Career Readiness Secondary Pennants. We need to touch bases with our students about their future goals every year, and we celebrate College and Career Week.  These Bilingual pennants are an excellent activity and resource when you talk about what they want to be when they grow up or when you are teaching them what long-term goals are, careers, occupations, jobs, goals, and so much more. You can do this activity in the advisory plan or any lesson.

The College and career pennants are ideal for celebrating College and Career Week or any time throughout the school year when you are talking about the future and sprinkle out goals and plans. Also, it is an excellent way to do some research and debrief your students on a career pathway. It comes for your convenience in English and Spanish, and you can assemble it quickly with three pieces.

We encourage you to talk about different pathways, salaries, professions, multiple intelligences, career interest inventory, wages, dreams, hopes, career, and College. Ideal for displaying in your classroom and/or Bulletin Board.


  • M4. Understanding Postsecondary education and life-long learning are necessary for long-term career success.
  • M5. Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes.
  • M6.Positive attitude toward work and learning.

The product comes with

  • English version
  • Spanish version
  • Teachers instructions
  • Size: 10” X 21”

Assemble 3 pieces


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