The product is editable and is ideal for School Counselors and Social Workers. School Counseling Forms provides two options, electronic documents and printable versions. The organization is essential for a successful school counseling program. These forms help you stay organized throughout the year and switch from paper-based to digital. It will help you to keep all the data you need. Get ready for your new school year, save time, and get your small group forms, individual counseling, need assessments, and more for teachers, parents, and students. Do you know how important it is to have systems in place? I know you do. This product will make your life easier.




  1. Small Group Counseling Form

2.Individual Counseling Form

3.Monthly Counseling Service Calendar/ Data collection of

4.Teacher and Staff Referral Part I

5.Teacher and Staff Referral Part II

6.Parent Referral 

7.Parent Referral Spanish/ Español 

8.Student Referral 

9.Referral Spanish/ Español 

10.Double Student Referral 

11.Double Student Referral Spanish/ Español 

  1. Parents Needs Assessment Part I

13.Parents Need Assessment Part II

14.Faculty and Staff Needs Assessment

15.Student Survey Needs Assessment

  1. Google Forms on page 19
  2. Also, a Counseling Log Sign In form in a Google form only. You can type notes too. The sign-in log is ideal for you or for the students to sign in. It helps you to keep track of your data


Google Forms

  1. Counseling Log / Sign In form in a Google form only. You can type notes too.
  2. Teacher and Staff Referral 
  3. Parent Referral 
  4. Parent Referral Spanish/ Español 
  5. Student Referral 
  6. Referral Spanish/ Español 
  7. Parents Needs Assessment Part I
  8. Faculty and Staff Needs Assessment
  9. Student Survey Needs Assessment


***Product for PERSONAL USE, not commercial use



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