Martin Luther King Jr. Bulletin Board, pennant, mini-biography


Martin Luther King activities for kids with a mini-biography, worksheet, pennant, rubric, and Bulletin Board Decoration. Low prep, ready to use with your students. Explain the meaning, importance, accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. and assess their work.


The product includes:

  • Rubric
  • Pennants
  • Mini-Biography
  • Worksheet
  • Note-taking paper
  • Letters for the Bulletin Board “Martin Luther King Jr.”
  • Instructions


MLK day is very important because it recognizes all the things Martin Luther King Jr. did, his accomplishments, struggles, the vision of equality, freedom, Civil Rights, and so much more. He is an excellent example of justice, peace, love, equality, dreams, future, and hope. His legacy should be shared with our students; his history and accomplishments should be integrated throughout the school year, and his famous “I have a dream” speech. Help your students reflect, build empathy resilience, provide balanced perspectives, and explain that they are part of the United States of American History. 


These days more than ever, we should promote a message like his.

After reading his biography, reading books, and watching educational videos about Martin Luther King, complete this activity with your students. This is a great resource to check for understanding and see what they learned. Also, we provided the tools to create a bulletin board.


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