Friendship lessons, friendship bracelets, and cards are hands-on activities to empower students with positive friendship skills. The friendship activity packet can be used in a classroom with friendship lessons, small group counseling sessions, or Valentine’s Day.

Our scholars often come to us with friendship problems. In this lesson, the students will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive presentation, reflect, talk, and roleplay a friend.

A hands-on activity will promote friendship, cooperation, problem-solving, and relationship skills. Also, what is friendship, what can cause a friendship problem? What do we do if a person unfriends us? They also practice what to do when a situation escalates and more. 

The product includes:

  • Zip file- Interactive PowerPoint Presentation (Read-only) and a PDF for the Flipbook, bracelets, cards
  • Short Scenarios to increase participation, reflection, and dialog
  • Roleplay
  • Friendship: What is friendship?
  • What does BFF mean?
  • The Characteristics of a good friend- fill out the blanks.
  • Classify Positive and Negative Relationship Skills
  • A possible reason for what can cause a friendship problem.
  • Are you having friendship problems?
  • What do we do if a person unfriends us?
  • Activity- Friendship pop it cards
  • Why is friendship important?
  • Hands-on activities
  • Pop it Bracelets
  • Friendship Cards

***This product is for personal use, not for Commercial use



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