Feelings check-in Fist to Five Bilingual BUNDLE/ Sentimientos del 0-5 Manualidad

The feelings check-in, Fist to five BILINGUAL BUNDLE are sensory activities for Social-Emotional Learning to use in your sessions in individual or group counseling. This lesson aim to help your students identify their emotions on a fist-to-five scale with a sensory activity. It is essential to help students identify their feelings and emotions. Students need to learn how to identify how they feel. Children should learn new ways to express their feelings and start integrating more vocabulary by creating this tool. The packet includes a Feelings check-in sheet, a fist to five sensory activity with images, emotions check-in posters, mindful minutes poster, a complete chart from fist to five, how they want to feel, coping skills, individual cards, and group cards. It also promotes non-verbal cues. This product is ideal for matching your social-emotional curriculum.

The bundle includes

  • PDF Format in color and BW
  • It is in Spanish and English
  • List of Materials needed
  • Individual Cards and big cards in pink, yellow, blue, B&W, turquoise, purple and green
  • ASCA standards
  • Teacher instructions

Also, we teach them how to identify how their bodies feel when they experiment with different emotions. We can’t only focus on being sad, happy, or mad.

These activities can be used in a group session or an individual counseling session. In your first session with your students, you can teach them the importance of identifying who they feel and why they struggle to identify triggers or emotions. While you talk about feelings, you can speak of different situations or personal experiences and create a sensory craft with many visuals and a sensory experience. Allow the students to explore new vocabulary words to their feeling scale.

These activities are going to be part of your procedure for your sessions. Every time they come in, they should know that you will start your sessions with the activity Fist to Five. If you are looking for a way to begin your Counseling sessions with a craft targeting feelings, this is for you! Print them in card stock and laminate them.

Lesson- Know your feelings

ASCA Standards

M 1. Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional, and physical well-being

M 2. Sense of acceptance, respect, support, and inclusion for self and others in the school environment

M 3. Positive attitude toward work and learning

M 4. Self-confidence in ability to succeed

M 5. Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes

Feelings check in-Fist to five BILINGUAL BUNDLE lessons and sensory activities.

***Not for commercial use, personal use only.

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