Easter Virtual Classrooms are cute for your students and impress your administrators. It’s Easter Time Now! Create your avatar, bitmoji, Virtual Classroom, and boost your toolkit with this pack. These Google Slides have 11 pre-made slides for you (Easter THEME), backgrounds, and over 100 items that you can use to build your classes, and it is EDITABLE. It makes the Virtual learning environment more attractive and fun for students.

You can use or integrate your bitmoji, avatar, clipart, and more.

This pack could help you as a distance learning center or resource for your blended learning. Take a look and see what’s included:


Includes:12 different Virtual classrooms, pre-made templates

  • Two Welcome Slides – you can type.
  • Small-Group Rotation Template (Sample included).
  • Rotation Template (Table).
  • 11 Pre-Made Virtual Classrooms (most of the items are movable).
  • Bunny Scale – It’s a Feeling Scale,’; it’s for morning meetings.
  • Over 100 items to customize your classroom. Furniture: Rug, posters, boards, pencils sofas, couch, stools, chairs, and more.
  • How to instructions in English and Spanish.

You can also find a whole pack in these Google Slide start your rooms. It includes instructions for creating a virtual classroom in Google Slides and a link to create and insert your Bitmoji, how to share it with your students, and more. Google slides with all the links included and a few without the links. It is EDITABLE. Math manipulatives, books, clocks, fractions, sofas, banners, plants, and other items already have free links and resources.

***NOT for commercial use, personal use only.



  • Some of the Google slides backgrounds are not editable because we have to protect the other authors’ images. You can choose from multiple background versions we created for you or use those ready to use. You can customize the classrooms to attend to the needs of your students. Ask any questions you may have before purchasing if you want on the page or in the email.

Questions? We speak English and Spanish.

Please feel free to email us at counselingsolutionsbykrys@gmail.com


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