College and Career Readiness Week (Bilingual resource) Part I- College and career readiness are where it’s at! It’s never more too early to start to talk about after-high school opportunities, salaries, virtual tours, degrees, and more. Your students will love this Presentation as it gets them recalling about their future goals and aspirations!


Presentation in PowerPoint Format, Activities, videos, links to resources, and activities. Ideal for Blended Learning – Virtual and Face to face



  • Warm-ups videos to help brainstorm ideas.
  • Pictures of lifestyles and encourage them to work hard and dream big. Also, let them know even though we work, we can’t have everything we want.
  • Top 25 Salaries
  • Reality Check: Help your students to make connections with the real world as a group, and how they would like to live, and how much they need to earn. Help them explore options.
  • Career Interest Survey 
  • Career Exploration Sites
  • Virtual Tours – Boston and La Salle University 
  • Activities and Google Slides-One activity per day for a whole week. You can use the activities could be your College and Career Week Part 1. Or assign these activities to your teachers in the morning, one activity per day, or use them to close your Guidance lessons. You can click the links to get a copy of the Google Slides. 
  • Google slide to share with your staff
  • Google slide with Agenda for the week
  • Design your Professional ID
  • Design your Pennant (2pennants upper grade-lower grades)
  • Interview Project (Instructions, questions, and Google slide to share or add links)
  • Graduation Hat
  • Design your College Shirt
  • Design your teacher’s or family College Path shirt
  • Write about your Dream Job



***Not for commercial use. Personal use only.


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